IQR in Action…

Published February 3, 2012 by fatemah1989

Hi Readers ;)In this post I would like to tell the story behind our project idea. one upon a time, four student from different countries happened to be taking the same great course, called Entrepreneurship in Action…. the idea of this course is to prepare us and give us a push to the business world with more experience and by starting a real business. first gather in a group with different skills for each member. Then do a brain storming together to find the project idea, after that start to transform it to the real world.

This is how we started our business, which is IQR. It is a service that mainly Characterised by its customised design instead of the usual black and white QR( Quick Reader). To illustrate this, our service gives the opportunities  for any one to have his/her own QR, with the design that he/she like and wish for. In addition, it can be generated with the information that you want.

I hope you liked our business, and we will be pleased to hear from any of you asking for our service.


Zoooz 😉


Zooz’s messy thoughts

Published January 27, 2012 by fatemah1989

Hi readers 🙂

I hope you all had a nice holiday like I had.. catching up with all the people I love was something I really needed to do. Its like I was recharging my battery and coming back with my full energy.

I was thinking a lot about my Blog, and I was wandering if is it late now to start over?? Did I missed the chance??? It took a big part of my thinking all the way home and I felt that I really missed it, but I remembered what Rob Fitzpatrick told us in the class, in how he couldn’t write in his blog at first and he was waiting for great ideas to start. That exactly why I was hesitating to write in my Blog :$ …

Then in my way back to London I opened my Laptop and decided to write what ever cross my mind, then I spend two hours writing without stoping or revising what I wrote. After I finished I felt great, but it didn’t last for long 😉 because when I start reading I couldn’t finish any sentence without having a question mark above my head… what I was thinking, it was like I started the sentence with one thought and suddenly I moved to another totally different thought that just crossed my mind…. Hehehe

Maybe I will write some times in the same messy way 😉 , but I hope that I will continue writing and you “hopefully” will enjoy it.


Zooz 😉

new beginning ;)

Published September 30, 2011 by fatemah1989

Fatemah Jelaidan my official name 😉 and my nick name is Zooz that I  loved to be called by…

writing about my self maybe the hardest thing for me to do ..and do it in a public site and publish it may made it worst..LOL

But my hole point and goal of taking this course is to do every thing in a different way and to be pushed to be more creative on my way of thinking and more open to try something new.

how to start writing about your self…. ok firstly am from Saudi Arabia, from a great city that I adore which is Jeddah. I’ve just graduated last year, in General Management( Developing and Organising management).

Am so excited  and very optimistic about this module (Entrepreneurship in practice), I believe it will have a great impact on my experience in starting a new business, witch hopefully I will be do it after this course. My dream is to open my own catering business, because I love cooking and specially events food 🙂

see you all tomorrow;)

ps: sorry for the delay in introducing my self, but I had some issues with getting to know the way that this website work 😉 LOL

and thanks to Abi who helped me to solve it.

ZooZ 🙂